January 11, 2010

EZ Smoker. It can't really work....can it?

EZ Smoker.  The electronic cigarette.  The problem is that smoking kills you and most public places won't let you smoke so you're forced to go outside and kill yourself with all the other smokers in the freezing cold.  Some claim that the lung cancer is more likely caused by overexposure to freakishly cold air.  I'm not so sure I follow that logic.  However, here is a solution that lets you smoke indoors.  Smoke in your office.  Smoke in a restaurant.  Smoke at your kids' school.  Heck, you can even smoke in church.  This computerized wonder looks and feels just like a real cigarette.  It has no nicotine, but it looks like a real cigarette.  It doesn't make your clothes stink, but it looks like a real cigarette.  Is it too good to be true?  Well, I dare you to take a fake cigarette that looks and acts exactly like a real cigarette into a non-smoking restaurant and tell me what happens.  You could pen a year's worth of blog entries just on your funny encounters.  I dare you.

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January 7, 2010

TEASEase - Get Big Hair the Health Way!

TEASEase.  TEASE has been sold on HSN for years and has a huge following.  I've heard from several readers that the "wave" demo is incredible.  Watch when Chelsea Scott creates a HUGE wave in the client's hair and slides the comb through to reveal the amazing lift you get from the TEASEase.  I first purchased TEASEase from HSN, and love it!  It gives me tremendous volume when I want to show off my hair, and the Trulift products work well in conjunction to make sure the volume lasts all day....now look at me...I sound like the infomercial.

Check out one of the recent HSN airings:

..And the brand new Infomercial:

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January 4, 2010


I thought that might get your attention.  The Bosom Buddy is a great tribute to one of the best infomercials of all time, nominated in at least two categories: most units sold and most hilariousest...as well as an honorable mention for the "I can't believe people actually bought that" category - Suzanne Somers' ThighMaster.  In case it's been a while, here's a peak at one of the original Thighmaster ads:

Unlike the ThighMaster, the Bosom Buddy is just not believable.  Will squeezing an awkward piece of plastic actually make my breasts appear firmer and younger?  Couldn't I just take a pill?  If that doesn't work, rather than exercising for 20 minutes a day, I could get on a payment plan for some serious breast enhancement surgery...that's sure to work.  Maybe if the Spin Gym had added this particular benefit, it could have been a hit.  I think I'll take a pass this time...but I still recommend that you watch the video, purely for entertainment purposes.

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