January 4, 2010


I thought that might get your attention.  The Bosom Buddy is a great tribute to one of the best infomercials of all time, nominated in at least two categories: most units sold and most hilariousest...as well as an honorable mention for the "I can't believe people actually bought that" category - Suzanne Somers' ThighMaster.  In case it's been a while, here's a peak at one of the original Thighmaster ads:

Unlike the ThighMaster, the Bosom Buddy is just not believable.  Will squeezing an awkward piece of plastic actually make my breasts appear firmer and younger?  Couldn't I just take a pill?  If that doesn't work, rather than exercising for 20 minutes a day, I could get on a payment plan for some serious breast enhancement surgery...that's sure to work.  Maybe if the Spin Gym had added this particular benefit, it could have been a hit.  I think I'll take a pass this time...but I still recommend that you watch the video, purely for entertainment purposes.

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