December 10, 2010

A Tribute to Doing It Wrong

Infomercial Compilation.  How did I miss this YouTube video from 7 months ago?  Here's a funny compilation of problem setups from dozens of infomercials:

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November 22, 2010

DidiSeven - Crazy Stain Remover Demos!

DidiSeven.  DidiSeven was a monster hit in the early 1990's, selling tens of millions of stain remover tubes worldwide long before the introduction of OxiClean that led to its demise.  The marketers have brought back the same powerful formula to try it again in 2010...hey, that rhymed!  Can they repeat their success?  Adding ShamWow as a free giveaway just might put it over the edge...

Check out the latest DidiSeven Infomercial approach:

Vs. one of Didi Seven's original infomercials...they've come a long way!

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November 17, 2010

Sticky Balls. Not what you're thinking!

Sticky Balls.  What were you thinking?  These are simply super-powerful neo-dymium magnets that when used properly can eat up your entire day.  Nothing more, nothing less.  Some call Sticky Balls the "toy of the century," but we're only 10 years into the century, so that's not saying much.  Personally, I prefer to think of them as "endless fun."  However, the real reason to love Sticky Balls is because "you'll amaze your friends!"  Wait a minute....I think they're using my quotes in the video....see if your magic comments can end up in the ad...

The tricks are unbelievable.  I found several "how to" videos as well on the Sticky Balls YouTube channel:

My personal favorite video, however, is the Sticky Balls Rap:

You can post your own Sticky Balls videos at
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October 15, 2010

Secret Glo Infomercial. Tan in the winter?

Secret Glo.  Pasty is not pretty.  I don't care what Lady Gaga says...when I'm pasty in the winter, no one notices me.  In this economy, it's hard to afford weekly sessions at the spray on tanning salon.  Tanning lotions don't work.  And tanning creams leave your skin splotchy.  What's a girl to do?  Enter Tan Wow (would have been a much cooler name for Secret Glo...and Vince could have done wonders for the product!).  Just wipe on the cloth and wipe off your pastiness.  Instant self-esteem...even in the dead of winter.

The only question...does it really work?  Too early to tell...if you've tried it, please let us know.

Check out the Secret Glo infomercial:

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September 29, 2010

Pajama Jeans. Look great and feel self-conscious!

Pajama Jeans. It appears that the Pajama Jeans infomercial is rolling out. That makes me so happy. I lost a few pounds over the summer, so I can now fit back into my skinny jeans, just in time for the holidays. I feel sexy wearing skinny jeans, but I feel comfortable in my Pajama Jeans. Oh, and I also feel like I'm wearing pajamas. You'd think that would be a good thing, but I constantly worry that everyone around me realizes that I'm wearing pajamas. This really bothered my until I realized that I can't wear them 14 days in a row like I do with my normal pajamas. People were starting to talk.

Now that I only wear my Pajama Jeans a few times a week, I'm over my self-conscious worrying. These are so comfortable, sometimes it feels like I'm not wearing anything at all. I try not to dwell on that one, or I'd never venture outside.

What do you think of your Pajama Jeans? Send photos, and I'll upload them to the site...just make sure you don't go outside in your slippers and nighty...I made that mistake the first week...

Check out the newest Pajama Jeans infomercial:

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August 30, 2010

Pitchmen, Sept 2, 2010: Fridge Locker vs. Rx Locker vs. ShaveMate

Pitchmen Review, Sept 2, 2010.   Check out videos from this week's Pitchmen episode starring Anthony Sullivan.

Update: Pitchmen has been delayed until Q1 2011. This episode will air in January or February.

Fridge Locker Infomercial:

Rx Locker, with Dr. Drew Pinsky, on The View:

ShaveMate Infomercial:

August 25, 2010

EZ Stringer. Never take off your sweatpants again!

EZ Stringer.  The recession is hitting all of us pretty hard.  The one positive I've experienced is that I've been able to wear sweatpants more often.  What used to be the norm only for a jog along Lakeshore Drive has now become my most consistent fashion.  Taco Bell doesn't care if I'm wearing sweatpants as I go through the drive-thru.  Netflix still delivers movies to me....they don't care if I'm wearing pants at all!  The more you wear sweatpants, the more comfortable they get.  Then one day...the drawstring comes out in the wash, and your perfectly conditioned sweatpants are now useless.

My only solution is to gain 50 pounds so the pants hold themselves up....until now!  Introducing EZ Stringer...the easy way to restring your drawstrings.  I honestly can't believe no one has thought of this before!  So I'm off to dumpster dive for my cherished sweatpants...I miss them....

Check out the infomercial if you haven't seen it already:

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August 24, 2010

Time Magazine's Top 25 Funniest Infomercials of All Time

Check out this link to see the entire list.  Topping the list are two of my favorites, the Hawaii Chair and the Tiddy Bear.  There are some recent spots that show up on the list as well: Cami Secret, Shake Weight for Men, and more.  You can see videos of each of the infomercials here.

Pitchmen, August 26, 2010. Clean Sweep vs. Secure Sleeve vs. Select-A-Wrench

08/26/10 Pitchmen.  On this week's Pitchmen episode, we see Anthony Sullivan testing three very different products:   OnTel Products' Clean Sweep, the latest successor to the Swivel Sweeper.  ID Stronghold's Secure Sleeve, a unique protection device to keep identity thieves away from your credit card numbers.  And, a young inventor's Select-A-Wrench.

Clean Sweep.  The Swivel Sweeper has been a huge success for OnTel Products and for Anthony Sullivan.  To date, they have sold well over 20MM units worldwide.  The company has toyed with minor changes to the product in an attempt to keep the marketing campaign alive, but the Clean Sweep is there first real change in years.  It combines microfiber with the Swivel Sweeper sweeping action.  Look for this to awaken a tired brand, especially with the PR help of the Discover Channel's Pitchmen.

ID Stonghold's Secure Sleeve.  Eh?  Have you ever heard of someone having their identity stolen from a passerby?  If you have to explain the problem, then the infomercial will never convince the consumer to pick up the phone and place an order.  They'll wait to hear it on the news or from a friend firsthand.  It's starting to look like Sully is accepting any product for Pitchmen as long as the client has money.  Can you effectively use Pitchmen as a PR vehicle for your product, even if the infomercial, by itself, has little chance of success?  I guess we'll have to wait and see.  They claimed a super-successful test market, but I haven't been able to see the spot anywhere...have any of you had any luck?  Other than a few small news stories that have already been commented on?  On 9/2/10, we'll see two more products that are clearly being marketed via Pitchmen rather than being able to stand on their own, Fridge Locker and RX Locker.  I'll discuss them in more detail next week.

Check out the product's website HERE.

Select-A-Wrench.  Great tear-jerking story about a young kid with passion and a pretty good idea.  Sounds like we'll have to wait a couple of years to see if it's going to work....not sure why....

You can see many of Sully's and Pitchmen's successes and failures HERE:

August 23, 2010

Sully Store. Buy Pitchmen Anthony Sullivan's products.

Sully Store.  Many of my readers are huge Pitchmen and Anthony Sullivan fans.  I receive a constant stream of emails asking where to review Sully's products.  He has finall set up a website with all his successful products.  Here's a link to the site, "Sully's Store." As of today, the link includes the following products, and he's adding more daily. 

  • Ba'Noodle
  • Cold Fire (First aired 8/19/10)
  • Omni DualSaw (First aired during the 2009 Pitchmen season)
  • EZstringer
  • Fridge Locker (Airs 9/2/10)
  • Grill Glove
  • HexLight (First aired 8/19/10)
  • Jupiter Jack (First aired during the 2009 Pitchmen season)....9MM units sold to date!
  • Mighty Thirsty (First aired 8/19/10)
  • ShaveMate
  • Smart Mop (An old Sully favorite!)
  • Tater Tornado
  • Clean Sweep (The latest Swivel Sweeper introduction, hopefully it will be added soon!)
Generally, you can see the latest Pitchmen winners posted on the day that Pitchmen airs on the Discovery channel.  I'll continue to update this post as new products are added.

August 14, 2010

Pitchmen: ColdFire vs. HexLight

Cold Fire vs. Hexlight: Pitchmen Prediction.  Sadly, Billy Mays is no longer with us as the 2nd season of  Pitchmen begins airing on The Discovery Channel August 19, 2010.  Anthony Sullivan is back in full force, and begins with his now infamous 2 product pitch-off format.  In this season premiere, Cold Fire is pitted against Hexlight.

Fire prevention vs. a new flashlight.  Hmmm.....normally prevention products don't sell well on TV, but Cold Fire broke through.  Hexlight, on the other hand, is in the midst of clutter on TV with several "unique" flashlights being tested.  Jordan Pine wrote a great explanation on why the fourth to market rarely succeeds on TV, especially when flashlights have been tested without success.  Can this be the first to really make it this year...unlikely.  Even on the Pitchmen TV show, where exaggeration is the norm, they claimed that first year sales are expected to hit $3MM.  In the infomercial world, that means it will be relegated to catalogs and web campaigns.  Check out Jordan's article HERE.

Cold Fire, on the other hand, is the first to the infomercial market in the fire extinguisher category.  Normal fire extinguishers are difficult to operate and they leave behind a toxic residue.  Cold Fire is as easy to operate as a can of hairspray (although I've found that hairspray is not nearly as effective at extinguishing fires...).  Every home in America should have at least one fire extinguisher, and the alternative to Cold Fire is usually more why shouldn't this work?...especially, with the now famous Anthony Sullivan as the Pitchman, Cold Fire should be one of the more successful infomercials of 2010.

Check out the Cold Fire infomercial HERE.

Check out the HexLight infomercial HERE.

Looking for all the Pitchmen winning products?  Check out Anthony Sullivan's web store for Cold Fire and many others:

August 9, 2010

Slim T's. Be fat and look slim!

Slim T's.  Weight loss infomercials have always been a favorite of mine.  Diet pills help you burn calories and lose weight without changing your donut-filled diet.  Sure, you'll feel jittery all day, but that's better than feeling fat all day, right?  Besides, diet pills worked wonders for Anna Nicole Smith!  Infomercials for ab exercise devices promise ripped abs in only minutes a day.  They don't mention the fact that you probably need to lose the 70 pounds of jelly belly around your midsection before anyone will be able to see a hint of a six pack, no matter how many stomach crunches or ab circles or tummy twists you do.  P90X, Insanity, Windsor Pilates, Tai Bo and countless other DVDs probably do work if you can stick to their impossible routines.  I tried P90X, but, like all you other fatties out there, I only lasted a couple of weeks.  It sounded so simple....90 days to a tight and firm body.  I was smart enough to realize that watching the DVDs wasn't enough, but I didn't realize that I would be in so much pain after my first P90X workout that I wouldn't be able to get out of bed the next morning.  Then, I read the instructions, and the promised weight loss only seemed to come about if you stuck to their rigid diet of celery and $60 protein powder.

Ugh!  Weight loss just isn't as easy as infomercials promise.  Until now!  Introducing Slim T's...the revolutionary way to not appear sloppy and fat without having to go on any crash diet, killer workout routines or dangerous drug regimens.  Simply squeeze into this 11 year old boy sized wife beater Slim T and voila!, you can instantly see your feet...even if you can't feel them anymore as the blood rushes to your heart in full survival mode as your gut is squeezed through to your spine.  Sounds painful...but I assume they feel like the ladies' counterpart, the Kymaro Body Shaper...which actually isn't that bad.  And, as a side benefit, there is no way to fit a cheeseburger AND a milkshake in your belly wearing one of these tight shirts.  Other side can still wear your 1976 Nike tank top and no one will see your Slim T hiding securely below.

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July 28, 2010

PineappleTwist. Like a knife, only better!

PineappleTwist.  A twist on an age old product, the knife.  Anthony Sullivan stars in this riveting infomercial touting the benefits of a retrofitted hand drill that can be used to slice pineapples quickly and easily.  Like many of you, I love Anthony Sullivan, but I'm not sure he'll be able to turn this product into the next Swivel Sweeper.  What are the first food products that come to mind when you think about successful infomercials?  Perfect Brownie?  Big City Slider?  Big Top Cupcake?  These are targeted perfectly for infomercial land.  Tons of fat, and tons of sugar....but pineapples?  Who eats fruit anymore?  And when we do buy pineapples, they are already peeled and canned. 

Here are some better ideas for the inventor:
  • Pineapple ice cream maker.
  • Guide to making canned pineapple taste like fresh pineapple.
  • Pineapple donut fryer.
  • Trans fat in a can (nothing to do with pineapple, but it sure would make my Oreos taste better!).
The infomercial?  Well, not Sully's best work, but it probably fits the personality of the product.  See what you think:

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July 14, 2010

Sticky Wicky. The new Sham Wow?

Sticky Wicky.  "If you've got a cat or a dog, a chicken, a frog, an alligator, a cat or a snake, you know when they started shedding what a mess those varmints make, you need a roller, a sticky roller."  I can't get that song out of my head!  Masterful job of annoying me to the point that I will never forget this product.

"It uses special...patented...rotation...gription action."  The product is so simple, but what a great job of turning it into something special!

"Made out of silicone and rubber...girl's best friend."  Somehow, Vince "Sham Wow" Offer pulls off the sexual muses much more successfully.  With this ad, I just felt a little dirty.  Not good for a cleaning product.

"Pick up...the kids from school."  Still not laughing, but also, I still can't get that song out of my head!

Then....magically...we get into the demos.  Very nice.  Rinses easily.  Sticks to a mirror.  Very simple, but effective.  Not sure I would have chosen this pitch approach or this pitchwoman, but something seems to be clicking.  If you can get over the low end production quality, and the annoying song, then this just might be a decent hit.  My only question is how this is different from those $2.99 rollers you can buy at Wal-Mart with 3M tape serving the same function.  Is it worth it to have one made out of silicone?  Maybe.

You have to see the video for any of this to make sense:

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June 25, 2010

Total Pillow. The Last Pillow You'll Ever Need!

Total Pillow.  There is one product in everyone's home they spend more time with than their wife, their children and their hobbies, combined!...It's your pillow.  Think about it.  How do you feel when your head hits the pillow each night.  I know I look forward to it all day.  It's hard not to smile as you forget the cares of the day and drift off to sleep in total comfort.  BAM!  When alarm sounds, you longingly want to continue in your close embrace, but eventually you have to leave it and get back to work.

Well now, you can bring your pillow with you all day!  In the car.  On a plane.  At your desk.  Even for an afternoon nap.  For me, it's not about the technical features of the Total Pillow.  Frankly, it really don't even understand what's inside that thing.  I just like that I can take my best friend with me wherever I go.  Also, my doctor always told me to get more sleep.  Now that I am sleeping two to three hours at the office each day, I feel much better.  And when I feel stressed out by my boss that always seems to wake me up at the worst time, I just coil the Total Pillow into a ball, rest it behind my back and happily dream of being in my happy bed!

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June 21, 2010

Couch Coaster. Never leave the couch again!

Couch Coaster.  Leave me alone.  Don't call me.  Don't ask me questions.  Just let me watch TV!  Until now, I could sit and relax on the couch for hours, but eating and drinking were next to impossible.  Sure, I could put my soda and chips on the coffee table, but then I had to lean forward every time I wanted to take a drink.  Then, one day, I got the crazy idea that I should replace my coffee table with an ottoman.  It was great that I could put my feet up in comfort, but now I couldn't eat unless I wanted to juggle the big snack bowl and my cold, sweaty soda can.  Ugh!  What to do?  How could I watch Matlock and eat at the same time?
In comes Couch Coaster, the solution to all my woes.  Now, I can hold two drinks, a ton of snacks, my remote and my phone right by my side while I relax and submit myself to my beautiful HDTV for hours on end.  Just don't call my phone between the hours of 7pm and 11pm.  I'm busy!
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June 18, 2010

Ms.Taken, the Cubic Zirconia of teh 21st Century

Ms.Taken.  Diamonds are a girl's best friend.  Cubic Zironia is a man's best friend...that is until the girl finds out that it's not a diamond.  Rewind to 1976.  Cubic Zirconia was introduced to the world as an inexpensive alternative to real diamonds.  They look real.  They feel real. can buy them on TV for only $19.99!  Some credit Cubic Zirconia as the original product that really launched the Home Shopping Network and QVC.  Without these diamond imitations, where would we be today?  We're even seeing a resurgence of similar products now branded as "Absolute" and other more modern and acceptable names.

Now, in 2010, Ms.Taken has taken the marketing of wannabe diamonds in a new direction: fool men into thinking that you are, in fact, "taken."  Their marketing language is classic: "Who says being engaged is all that? The biggest upside is being left alone, once people spot a ring on your left hand. Whether you're trying to dodge dodgy dudes at the bar, heading to a reunion or visiting your nagging grandmother, slip on your Ms.Taken ring and act as if. It says committed, without the commitment."  Isn't 2010 all about having fun without commitment?  Why should be have to be engaged or married to have men stop bothering us?

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Their other videos are a bit less reserved, check them out on their website:

June 16, 2010

Eminem Infomercial with Vince "Sham Wow" Offer

Eminem + Vince Offer = The Perfect Combination.  I'm not sure what that means, but who better to sell CDs for Eminem than Vince Offer.  If Vince were a rap artist, "Slim Shady" would be his moniker.  If Eminem were to hawk wares on TV, his style would clearly mimic that of Vince "Sham Wow" Offer.  Add together their treatment of women, and you start to wonder if they're related.  At any rate, it's fun to see infomercials turn mainstream.  Weezer was perhaps the first to market their CD release through their Weezer Snuggie infomercial.  Eminem follows suit cleverly through Vince Offer to market his new "Recovery" CD.  It hasn't quite gone viral yet, but who knows, maybe you'll be the one to start the trend...

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May 3, 2010

TV Hat - Never be bothered by humans again!

TV Hat.  Do you ever get annoyed by the hundreds or even thousands of people that you see around you every day?  Crowded airports.  Loud subway cars.  Bustling restauants...even your family can be annoying sometimes.  Introducting TV Hat!  The solution to all your human interaction problems. 

Simply drop your iPhone into the privacy shield, put on the hair, insert your earphones and watch as the world around you instantly disappears!  No more annoying kids.  No more mind-bending conversations with someone you just met.  Turn off the world with the TV Hat, and you won't even notice the teenagers making fun of how silly you look at the beach with your TV Hat.
All kidding aside, if I can get over the embarrassment of wearing this in public, I just might buy one.  The TV Hat is a great concept in a dorky package.  But aren't we all great concepts in dorky packages? 

How many of you would wear the TV Hat in public?

February 26, 2010

Cami Secret. Custom cleavage.

Cami Secret.  "You love that low cut top for going out at night.  But in the office, it's just not right."  This ad had me cracking up for the first 30 seconds.  There are a ton of great one-liners.   "You can decide just how much cleavage you'll show."  Then, I realized, it's actually a pretty cool idea.  Also, through countless posts, I've come to realize that the products I'm most tempted to poke fun at turn out to be the biggest hits. 

Am I too tainted by my love for infomercial products, or is this a pretty cool idea?  Let me know what you think.

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Cami Secret

February 19, 2010

Sleep Toasty. My dream come true.

Sleep Toasty.  Ever since I was a child, I have cherished climbing into bed and fending off the chilly night air as I cuddled up and fell asleep.  When I was 6, I cuddled with a teddy bear.  Now that I'm a bit older, I cuddle up with my body pillow.  Most nights are absolute bliss.  You know the feeling: cold toes and fingers gradually warming up as you drift off to sleep...there's nothing better. 

Unfortunately, some nights it seems impossible to warm up.  Wool socks.  Sweat pants.  Fleece shirt.  These solutions certainly warm you up, but it's just not the same.  I've looked for years for a solution, and Telebrands has found the answer -- Sleep Toasty.  The technology is simple: combine tinfoil with a fleece blanket. 

They claim the technology comes from NASA, which I guess is true, but it's still really just tinfoil.  At any rate, anyone that has completed a marathon and wrapped up with a thin foil blanket at the finish line realizes that this material can do wonders for maintainig your body temperature, even when tiny drips of perspiration are quickly evaporating from your entire body. 

Ingenious!  Combine thin foil warming properties with comfy fleece.  I get it.  If I get it, then you probably do too.  I'm concerned this product, although a needed and believable concept, won't sell.  With it's 1970's light tan color, it looks too much like my grandma's blankets...or maybe too sterile.  If they were too launch stylish colors, this could be a real winner.  On the other hand, the need for the product could outweigh its weaknesses.  For now, we'll just have to wait and see if this one will stick around.

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February 12, 2010

Tomato Juice Slushie

The Original Slush Mug.  Not that you would, but you could enjoy a tomato juice slushie if you wanted to.  The proposition is simple: 1. freeze mug liner, 2. pour in your favorite beverage, 3. wait....wait....wait...and voila!  a delicious slushie from any drink in your cupboard.  FUN!

Just think of the slushies you could make....
  • Mylanta...not sure what this does, but anyone for chalky frozen goodness?
  • Slim Fast...but head freeze even faster!
  • Metamucil...might as well enjoy it both ways...there's a funny line from a movie here....any help?
  • Root beer...sounds boring now, doesn't it!
  • Water...that would be cool!
  • Acai...may then I could swallow that garbage.
  • Hot would that work?
Email me your funniest slushie idea and win $10...

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February 8, 2010

Best Super Bowl Ad...Ever!

Super Bowl Ads.  Sadly, there were no direct-response spots during the Super Bowl this year (we'll always be grateful for the 2009 spot, link here), but it was still a fun night, no matter who won the game.  Here's my non-scientific breakdown of the 2010 Super Bowl commercials: 83% are male-centric.  26% are selling cars.  31% are selling beer.  22% are selling snack food.  91% are funny.  93% of the funny ads do nothing to truly drive the brands they are trying to sell.  This year, Google shook things up.  They launched an ad that cost less than $500 to edit (you could do your own on an iMac) and $2,600,000 to air.

It was captivating.  Interesting.  Probably not funny, but it still managed to grab your attention.  Google understands that everyone recognizes their brand.  If someone is using Yahoo! or one of the other "has been" brands to search the Internet, there is likely a specific reason for the shunning of Google, and at this point, Google is not going to overcome the objections of this 1% of the Internet audience.  Google's path to growth is not to be gained through gaining market share, but rather by growing the market.  To grow, people need to search more.  This ad, "How to Impress a French Woman," gets you thinking..."I can solve any problem on the Internet."  "I can DO ANYTHING!!!!...with the help of the Internet....and Google."  Brilliant!  This is a far cry from the year 2000 dot com commercials that were hilarious but did nothing to drive sales. 

Snickers somehow figured out how to be funny and stay on message with their advertising with the "Betty White" commercial.  You have to love the line, "...that's not what your girlfriend says..." coming from Betty White!  Yet the message is clear, "Snickers satisfies your hunger and restores your energy to keep you going."  I got it.  We all got it.  Genius!

Now I'm not a total bore.  Like many of you, I laughed out loud at a few of the ads.  Here are a couple of my favorites...

I just don't see you buying more Doritos or finding a job on because of these ads.

What were your favorite spots?

January 11, 2010

EZ Smoker. It can't really work....can it?

EZ Smoker.  The electronic cigarette.  The problem is that smoking kills you and most public places won't let you smoke so you're forced to go outside and kill yourself with all the other smokers in the freezing cold.  Some claim that the lung cancer is more likely caused by overexposure to freakishly cold air.  I'm not so sure I follow that logic.  However, here is a solution that lets you smoke indoors.  Smoke in your office.  Smoke in a restaurant.  Smoke at your kids' school.  Heck, you can even smoke in church.  This computerized wonder looks and feels just like a real cigarette.  It has no nicotine, but it looks like a real cigarette.  It doesn't make your clothes stink, but it looks like a real cigarette.  Is it too good to be true?  Well, I dare you to take a fake cigarette that looks and acts exactly like a real cigarette into a non-smoking restaurant and tell me what happens.  You could pen a year's worth of blog entries just on your funny encounters.  I dare you.

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January 7, 2010

TEASEase - Get Big Hair the Health Way!

TEASEase.  TEASE has been sold on HSN for years and has a huge following.  I've heard from several readers that the "wave" demo is incredible.  Watch when Chelsea Scott creates a HUGE wave in the client's hair and slides the comb through to reveal the amazing lift you get from the TEASEase.  I first purchased TEASEase from HSN, and love it!  It gives me tremendous volume when I want to show off my hair, and the Trulift products work well in conjunction to make sure the volume lasts all look at me...I sound like the infomercial.

Check out one of the recent HSN airings:

..And the brand new Infomercial:

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January 4, 2010


I thought that might get your attention.  The Bosom Buddy is a great tribute to one of the best infomercials of all time, nominated in at least two categories: most units sold and most well as an honorable mention for the "I can't believe people actually bought that" category - Suzanne Somers' ThighMaster.  In case it's been a while, here's a peak at one of the original Thighmaster ads:

Unlike the ThighMaster, the Bosom Buddy is just not believable.  Will squeezing an awkward piece of plastic actually make my breasts appear firmer and younger?  Couldn't I just take a pill?  If that doesn't work, rather than exercising for 20 minutes a day, I could get on a payment plan for some serious breast enhancement surgery...that's sure to work.  Maybe if the Spin Gym had added this particular benefit, it could have been a hit.  I think I'll take a pass this time...but I still recommend that you watch the video, purely for entertainment purposes.

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