May 3, 2010

TV Hat - Never be bothered by humans again!

TV Hat.  Do you ever get annoyed by the hundreds or even thousands of people that you see around you every day?  Crowded airports.  Loud subway cars.  Bustling restauants...even your family can be annoying sometimes.  Introducting TV Hat!  The solution to all your human interaction problems. 

Simply drop your iPhone into the privacy shield, put on the hair, insert your earphones and watch as the world around you instantly disappears!  No more annoying kids.  No more mind-bending conversations with someone you just met.  Turn off the world with the TV Hat, and you won't even notice the teenagers making fun of how silly you look at the beach with your TV Hat.
All kidding aside, if I can get over the embarrassment of wearing this in public, I just might buy one.  The TV Hat is a great concept in a dorky package.  But aren't we all great concepts in dorky packages? 

How many of you would wear the TV Hat in public?


George said...

That is a dorky looking hat and I don,t think I could wear it out in public too.I also would not put it on my website unless it was the next big hit.

TVTopTen said...

I couldn't imagine anyone ever wearing this...much less in public!

Agreed, the concept makes sense, but it is really ugly looking. :(

Mark @ As Seen on TV said...

I can see this being popular with guys who bring home girls who have "Butter Faces", as an alternative to the traditional paper bag or flag to do it for the country.

Senora said...

why not wear it in public you already stuck in the media now it is just easier to see. I am gonna buy one

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