June 18, 2010

Ms.Taken, the Cubic Zirconia of teh 21st Century

Ms.Taken.  Diamonds are a girl's best friend.  Cubic Zironia is a man's best friend...that is until the girl finds out that it's not a diamond.  Rewind to 1976.  Cubic Zirconia was introduced to the world as an inexpensive alternative to real diamonds.  They look real.  They feel real.  But...you can buy them on TV for only $19.99!  Some credit Cubic Zirconia as the original product that really launched the Home Shopping Network and QVC.  Without these diamond imitations, where would we be today?  We're even seeing a resurgence of similar products now branded as "Absolute" and other more modern and acceptable names.

Now, in 2010, Ms.Taken has taken the marketing of wannabe diamonds in a new direction: fool men into thinking that you are, in fact, "taken."  Their marketing language is classic: "Who says being engaged is all that? The biggest upside is being left alone, once people spot a ring on your left hand. Whether you're trying to dodge dodgy dudes at the bar, heading to a reunion or visiting your nagging grandmother, slip on your Ms.Taken ring and act as if. It says committed, without the commitment."  Isn't 2010 all about having fun without commitment?  Why should be have to be engaged or married to have men stop bothering us?

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Their other videos are a bit less reserved, check them out on their website: http://mstaken.com/video/


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