June 25, 2010

Total Pillow. The Last Pillow You'll Ever Need!

Total Pillow.  There is one product in everyone's home they spend more time with than their wife, their children and their hobbies, combined!...It's your pillow.  Think about it.  How do you feel when your head hits the pillow each night.  I know I look forward to it all day.  It's hard not to smile as you forget the cares of the day and drift off to sleep in total comfort.  BAM!  When alarm sounds, you longingly want to continue in your close embrace, but eventually you have to leave it and get back to work.

Well now, you can bring your pillow with you all day!  In the car.  On a plane.  At your desk.  Even for an afternoon nap.  For me, it's not about the technical features of the Total Pillow.  Frankly, it really don't even understand what's inside that thing.  I just like that I can take my best friend with me wherever I go.  Also, my doctor always told me to get more sleep.  Now that I am sleeping two to three hours at the office each day, I feel much better.  And when I feel stressed out by my boss that always seems to wake me up at the worst time, I just coil the Total Pillow into a ball, rest it behind my back and happily dream of being in my happy place...my bed!

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