June 21, 2010

Couch Coaster. Never leave the couch again!

Couch Coaster.  Leave me alone.  Don't call me.  Don't ask me questions.  Just let me watch TV!  Until now, I could sit and relax on the couch for hours, but eating and drinking were next to impossible.  Sure, I could put my soda and chips on the coffee table, but then I had to lean forward every time I wanted to take a drink.  Then, one day, I got the crazy idea that I should replace my coffee table with an ottoman.  It was great that I could put my feet up in comfort, but now I couldn't eat unless I wanted to juggle the big snack bowl and my cold, sweaty soda can.  Ugh!  What to do?  How could I watch Matlock and eat at the same time?
In comes Couch Coaster, the solution to all my woes.  Now, I can hold two drinks, a ton of snacks, my remote and my phone right by my side while I relax and submit myself to my beautiful HDTV for hours on end.  Just don't call my phone between the hours of 7pm and 11pm.  I'm busy!
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