July 14, 2010

Sticky Wicky. The new Sham Wow?

Sticky Wicky.  "If you've got a cat or a dog, a chicken, a frog, an alligator, a cat or a snake, you know when they started shedding what a mess those varmints make, you need a roller, a sticky roller."  I can't get that song out of my head!  Masterful job of annoying me to the point that I will never forget this product.

"It uses special...patented...rotation...gription action."  The product is so simple, but what a great job of turning it into something special!

"Made out of silicone and rubber...girl's best friend."  Somehow, Vince "Sham Wow" Offer pulls off the sexual muses much more successfully.  With this ad, I just felt a little dirty.  Not good for a cleaning product.

"Pick up...the kids from school."  Still not laughing, but also, I still can't get that song out of my head!

Then....magically...we get into the demos.  Very nice.  Rinses easily.  Sticks to a mirror.  Very simple, but effective.  Not sure I would have chosen this pitch approach or this pitchwoman, but something seems to be clicking.  If you can get over the low end production quality, and the annoying song, then this just might be a decent hit.  My only question is how this is different from those $2.99 rollers you can buy at Wal-Mart with 3M tape serving the same function.  Is it worth it to have one made out of silicone?  Maybe.

You have to see the video for any of this to make sense:

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