December 10, 2010

A Tribute to Doing It Wrong

Infomercial Compilation.  How did I miss this YouTube video from 7 months ago?  Here's a funny compilation of problem setups from dozens of infomercials:

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Anonymous said...

Life is so rough

Jeremy from We Took The Bait said...

I recognize most of the products from the infomercial montage.

We've probably used about half of them.

One we haven't is the Doggy Step.

But, that clip is so dead on.

We have a shih tzu/poodle mix, and sometimes he'll take a running start and jump right into the side of the bed. And bounce off. And we laugh.... oh how we laugh at the poor little guy.

WingSong said...

This is what America is all about. XD

I commented on these "doing it wrong" sections in my own blog post about infomercials. XD

This was so wonderful. I was especially happy to see Perfect Brownie, which I talked about in the aforementioned blog post.

Great compilation! I wish it had been even longer! :)

Buy As Seen on TV Products said...

Hilarious! Something to enjoy but learn too…

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