February 12, 2010

Tomato Juice Slushie

The Original Slush Mug.  Not that you would, but you could enjoy a tomato juice slushie if you wanted to.  The proposition is simple: 1. freeze mug liner, 2. pour in your favorite beverage, 3. wait....wait....wait...and voila!  a delicious slushie from any drink in your cupboard.  FUN!

Just think of the slushies you could make....
  • Mylanta...not sure what this does, but anyone for chalky frozen goodness?
  • Slim Fast...but head freeze even faster!
  • Metamucil...might as well enjoy it both ways...there's a funny line from a movie here....any help?
  • Root beer...sounds boring now, doesn't it!
  • Water...that would be cool!
  • Acai...may then I could swallow that garbage.
  • Hot Chocolate...how would that work?
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