November 17, 2010

Sticky Balls. Not what you're thinking!

Sticky Balls.  What were you thinking?  These are simply super-powerful neo-dymium magnets that when used properly can eat up your entire day.  Nothing more, nothing less.  Some call Sticky Balls the "toy of the century," but we're only 10 years into the century, so that's not saying much.  Personally, I prefer to think of them as "endless fun."  However, the real reason to love Sticky Balls is because "you'll amaze your friends!"  Wait a minute....I think they're using my quotes in the video....see if your magic comments can end up in the ad...

The tricks are unbelievable.  I found several "how to" videos as well on the Sticky Balls YouTube channel:

My personal favorite video, however, is the Sticky Balls Rap:

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Anonymous said...

Stickyballs are just a copy of Bucky balls and they even copied the designs

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