August 14, 2010

Pitchmen: ColdFire vs. HexLight

Cold Fire vs. Hexlight: Pitchmen Prediction.  Sadly, Billy Mays is no longer with us as the 2nd season of  Pitchmen begins airing on The Discovery Channel August 19, 2010.  Anthony Sullivan is back in full force, and begins with his now infamous 2 product pitch-off format.  In this season premiere, Cold Fire is pitted against Hexlight.

Fire prevention vs. a new flashlight.  Hmmm.....normally prevention products don't sell well on TV, but Cold Fire broke through.  Hexlight, on the other hand, is in the midst of clutter on TV with several "unique" flashlights being tested.  Jordan Pine wrote a great explanation on why the fourth to market rarely succeeds on TV, especially when flashlights have been tested without success.  Can this be the first to really make it this year...unlikely.  Even on the Pitchmen TV show, where exaggeration is the norm, they claimed that first year sales are expected to hit $3MM.  In the infomercial world, that means it will be relegated to catalogs and web campaigns.  Check out Jordan's article HERE.

Cold Fire, on the other hand, is the first to the infomercial market in the fire extinguisher category.  Normal fire extinguishers are difficult to operate and they leave behind a toxic residue.  Cold Fire is as easy to operate as a can of hairspray (although I've found that hairspray is not nearly as effective at extinguishing fires...).  Every home in America should have at least one fire extinguisher, and the alternative to Cold Fire is usually more why shouldn't this work?...especially, with the now famous Anthony Sullivan as the Pitchman, Cold Fire should be one of the more successful infomercials of 2010.

Check out the Cold Fire infomercial HERE.

Check out the HexLight infomercial HERE.

Looking for all the Pitchmen winning products?  Check out Anthony Sullivan's web store for Cold Fire and many others:


Chris McGuire said...

I was a Vol.Fire fighter for 23 yrs, & I think the Cold Firewill be a great prod. & should sail very good. I have had to work on cars, under houses, & worked in the dark having to try to use a reglur flashlight but I also think this is a very good prod. & a great idea. I will be getting the bouth of them & telling my friends & family too.

Anonymous said...

ColdFire is an amazing product.

Cold Fire Code 3 is the official distributor for Cold Fire products to the law enforcement industry.

mike said...

i live in putnam connecticut iwant to buy cold fire where can it be bought? my email

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