August 24, 2010

Pitchmen, August 26, 2010. Clean Sweep vs. Secure Sleeve vs. Select-A-Wrench

08/26/10 Pitchmen.  On this week's Pitchmen episode, we see Anthony Sullivan testing three very different products:   OnTel Products' Clean Sweep, the latest successor to the Swivel Sweeper.  ID Stronghold's Secure Sleeve, a unique protection device to keep identity thieves away from your credit card numbers.  And, a young inventor's Select-A-Wrench.

Clean Sweep.  The Swivel Sweeper has been a huge success for OnTel Products and for Anthony Sullivan.  To date, they have sold well over 20MM units worldwide.  The company has toyed with minor changes to the product in an attempt to keep the marketing campaign alive, but the Clean Sweep is there first real change in years.  It combines microfiber with the Swivel Sweeper sweeping action.  Look for this to awaken a tired brand, especially with the PR help of the Discover Channel's Pitchmen.

ID Stonghold's Secure Sleeve.  Eh?  Have you ever heard of someone having their identity stolen from a passerby?  If you have to explain the problem, then the infomercial will never convince the consumer to pick up the phone and place an order.  They'll wait to hear it on the news or from a friend firsthand.  It's starting to look like Sully is accepting any product for Pitchmen as long as the client has money.  Can you effectively use Pitchmen as a PR vehicle for your product, even if the infomercial, by itself, has little chance of success?  I guess we'll have to wait and see.  They claimed a super-successful test market, but I haven't been able to see the spot anywhere...have any of you had any luck?  Other than a few small news stories that have already been commented on?  On 9/2/10, we'll see two more products that are clearly being marketed via Pitchmen rather than being able to stand on their own, Fridge Locker and RX Locker.  I'll discuss them in more detail next week.

Check out the product's website HERE.

Select-A-Wrench.  Great tear-jerking story about a young kid with passion and a pretty good idea.  Sounds like we'll have to wait a couple of years to see if it's going to work....not sure why....

You can see many of Sully's and Pitchmen's successes and failures HERE:


Anonymous said...

On your mention of the Secure Sleeve you said...
"They'll wait to hear it on the news or from a friend firsthand"

Did you see how many times they have been on the news? They have a tab on with countless ABC,NBC,FOX and other news pieces.

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