September 28, 2009

Where's Billy Mays? "Young Billy Mays," as he's known on Twitter and Facebook, or Billy Mays III as he's affectionately known to the rest of us is the son of the late, great Billy Mays. Young Billy has started a blog in honor of his late father - you should really check it out if you were ever a fan of the greatest infomercial pitchman of our lifetime.

The intent of the blog is to post stickers of Billy Mays all over the world and send in pics to Young Billy so his dad's legacy can live on. It's a very heart-warming gesture from the nicest 20-something you would ever be lucky enough to meet. I don't know Young Billy well, but I've met him a few times, and where he lacks in his father's eternal salesmanship, he more than makes up for in his kindness and constant attention to others...just like his dad.

Visit his blog to support Young Billy. Maybe to support the late Billy Mays II. Or even if just for entertainment, but it's definitely worth a visit.

My best to Young Billy and his family, and thanks for the powerful blog. BTW, I just discovered that Young Billy is also quite a musician...check some of his music out here.

Some great links from his blog (scroll down below the big header on each page):

In Young Billy's own words: "Almost immediately after my dad's passing, (I won't use the word 'death' because I don't believe in such a thing) the team at Sullivan Productions got these stickers printed of his face. The image was drawn by Jess Saxon, husband of Arwen Saxon. (Producer/Director on Pitchmen)
The stickers were originally handed out at a small gathering at Sully's house for production-crew-friends of my dad.
Later that week at the funeral, the Sullivan Crew brought a huge box full of the stickers and handed them out to EVERYONE.
Shortly after, my followers on Twitter began asking about how to get one.
So, we ordered about 2,000 more and tweeted an address to send a SASE to get them.
Before long, people began taking pictures of all the different (sometimes funny) places they were putting their stickers.
Then, TMZ ran a story about "The sticker craze that's sweeping the nation." It was then that I knew I had to take this opportunity to keep my dad's image alive.
For those of you didn't know him personally, I can tell you right now that you would've loved him. There weren't many people, upon meeting him, who didn't enjoy his company.
My dad was the type of person who would actually listen to your story, whether he was talking to a fan at a crowded airport or a longtime business partner.
His story isn't too boring in itself:
In short, he started with nothing and finished with everything he could ever want.
I hope that when you're placing your sticker, you get a positive feeling knowing that you're continuing the legacy of a good man.
My dad had the kind of sense of humor where he was in on the joke. He knew that his image was funny and he didn't mind poking fun at himself.So, as you participate in this little tribute, do it with a light heart.
As for me, I'm beyond proud of my dad's ENTIRE LIFE. He lived his life with blistering passion and a rare generosity. I had 22 amazing years with him and he taught me a lifetime's worth of lessons in a quarter of the time.
To you, the reader, thanks for helping me honor the most amazing man I've ever known."


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