November 7, 2011

Door Delights

Here it comes. Only a few have trickled through so far, but the onslaught on Christmas advertising is well on its way. Generally speaking, the holidays are a time of cheer. Less generally and more specifically: shopping is a headache, traveling is a headache, decorating is a headache, and let’s be honest here, family can be a headache.  That’s 4 headaches total. But with DoorDelights, you’ll be down to 3. 

DoorDelights are magnetic holiday decorations. You can put them on your garage door, your front door, your fridge door, or your car door (okay, you can put them on your whole car, but you get the point).  The garage takes up 30% of the average home and yet there has been no good way to decorate it until now. This is something so easy that that anyone can do it. You can hand them over to your little minion elves, aka children, and they’ll be glad you asked. Because DoorDelights are so easy to use and so durable, your kids will have fun finding new ways to arrange the decorations and keep the holiday cheer high.


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