October 24, 2012

Forever Lazy: Video Review

Looks like the Forever Lazy is still kickin. When I first saw this infomercial, my initial reaction to this spot was, "You would never catch me out in public in that thing!" Though, my second reaction was, "But it looks sooo warm and cozy!" Visions of warm fires, freshly baked cookies, and cinnamon hot cocoa danced through my head. And while I would die before going outside in it and am appalled that they think I would ever make use of that ridiculous buttflap, I am extremely tempted to get my hands on my own Forever Lazy as the temperature continues to drop. Do it for the cookies people. For the cookies.

P.S. Also, the "while dad does what he does best" line at 0:53?? I don't know about you, but the men in my life never fall asleep during the big game.


Forever Lazy Review said...

It is warm and cozy.try it for yourself people!
Its convenient when you rushing for toilet.hehe.

TV Infomercials said...

It is good to see reviews for TV products. Looks like a good product for a cold house.

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