October 30, 2012

Stretch Genie: Product Review

I don't think I can put into words how excited I was about this product. And because I want you to get excited with me, here's how it works. You spray the Stretch Genie spray into your shoes where they feel a little tight, you insert the expanders into your shoes, and then you wait a few hours (I waited 24. I wasn't messing around). After you remove the expanders, your shoes will be a little wider and a lot more comfortable. I was sold. And here's why. On three different occasions I have scheduled foot surgery to get rid of bunions that were a result of years of dancing and wearing heels. They cause tremendous pain. And on three different occasions I have wimped out because recovery time for foot surgery is a little ridiculous, and I'd have to wear sneakers for over 6 months. Sneakers! Ew! 
I kid, I kid. 

As an alternative to surgery, doctors have recommended that I stop wearing heels. To which I said, I'm 24 years old and my husband is a foot taller than me. That is just not going to happen. 
My point is, foot pain is a very common occurrence for me. So you can understand my excitement when I heard there was a product out there that would stretch my shoes and make them more comfortable. 

Obviously, I set this poor little sucker up for failure. My expectations were waaay too high. But here's the deal. This product actually does work. Just not as well as I had hoped. And I gave it ample opportunity to succeed. I stretched each shoe at least twice for 24 hours. I stretched my nude pumps four times but those guys just wouldn't give. My Sperrys stretched the best, followed by my black wedges. I'll probably continue to stretch them to get them nice and wide. 

One important thing to remember with this product is that it works best on leather and suede. It's really not intended for artificial fabrics as they have less give to them and will possibly show visible cracks due to the stretch. 

So here's the breakdown:
- On a scale of 1-5, 1 being a "This product is a scam" and a 5 being "This product is the greatest thing since sliced bread," I give it a 4. I'd give it a 3 but that is sooo non-committal, and maybe if I give it a 4, it will start acting like a 4 should. Really, I just want this product to work for me.
- You may have to go through the stretching process a few times.
- It will work better on some fabrics better than others. Unfortunately, it won't fix all of your shoes.

My recommendation: Buy It. It will work really well for some of your shoes. And it's pretty inexpensive. So it's worth the try.


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