November 12, 2012

Sobakawa Cloud Pillow: Product Review

This picture does not exist because this never happened. The first night I tried the Sobakawa Cloud pillow I threw it on the floor after about 15 minutes. The second night I tried this pillow I slept on it all night, woke up a couple hours before my alarm, realized my neck was super uncomfortable, and threw it on the floor before going back to sleep.
I gave it to my husband to try it out for the next two nights to see if a different style sleeper liked it better. He hated it. So then I gave it to my brother and sister-in-law. Because I wanted to make sure that we conducted a highly scientific experiment to ensure maximum quality results. They both tried it for one night each and neither of them made it through the whole night. Then my 5-year-old nephew found it the next day, proclaimed it to be his and the rest is history. Congratulations Sobakawa, children love you. The same children who fall asleep in car seats with their head hanging awkwardly to the side, so really they are terrible judges of what is comfortable.

Recommendation: Don't buy!


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