December 20, 2012

InstaHang: Product Review

Things got a little crazy what with the holidays but I've got some great products lined up to review. The first up is InstaHang. The spot sold me. Hanging things is a headache. Is it straight? Too high? Too low? Is this the right nail or hook? I hate hanging things. The problem is, InstaHang doesn't really solve any of these problems. Sure, it inserts your nail at an angle but that's the easiest part of the whole process right?
The first time I hit the dispenser I didn't do it hard enough, so the nail didn't go all the way into the wall. The second time I tried, I hit it hard enough but I moved the InstaHang in the process and missed my mark. So yes, my problem with this product could chalk up to user error, but isn't the whole point to make the process easier for the user?

Needless to say, my recommendation is to pass on this one.


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