July 24, 2009

Pitchmen - Grater Plater & Mighty Putty Wood

Update: a fellow As Seen On TV Fan found the Mighty Putty Wood commercial. Thanks Dino! Check it out at this LINK. He also found the Mighty Tape commercial HERE.

Pitchmen. After a week hiatus from serious infomercial production, the Discovery Channel Pitchmen show finally got back to business with a head to head infomercial competition. This time, they produced virtually the same spot for the Grater Plater - one spot starring Billy Mays and the other starring Anthony Sullivan. I was inclined to believe that Anthony Sullivan would outperform Billy simply because this was a low intensity, non-demo-intensive product. Basically, as the spot states, "it's a cheese grater and a plate." However, as most everyone else in the world would predict, Billy Mays beat out Sully by 40% and delivered a 3 to 1 ratio...a huge hit!

My only question is if Billy's spot did so much better, why is Sully's spot featured at http://www.graterplater.com/? Check out the videos for yourself and see which you think is better...

Billy Mays

Anthony Sullivan

Mighty Putty Wood. Now wait a minute. I could have sworn that they told us on tonight's Pitchmen that the brand new Mighty Putty spot with Billy Mays on the HMS Bounty blew away the results of the previous version...hmmm...I couldn't find the new spot anywhere online...not even on the "official" Mighty Putty website. Strange. It makes me wonder how much of Pitchmen is true and how much is just a pitch...either way, it continues to be the BEST reality show on TV!


Anonymous said...

I love pitchmen. My brother introduced me a few weeks ago and now we can't wait for each new episode to come out!

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