July 29, 2009

Potty Patch.

Potty Patch. Yes, you read correctly. No, this is not at all related to the smokers patch, but that would be pretty funny too. Potty Patch helps your dog poop inside your house. Am I the only one that thinks that dog poop is REALLY stinky? When it gets stuck on your shoe, it takes days of soaking to remove the smell. But if you just can't get enough dog poop in your home, Potty Patch brings it ALL inside. It's basically a kitty litter system for dogs. The only difference is that cats are tiny, and so is their poop. Dogs are totally different, and did I already say that they are totally stinky? Very funny ad though...


Anonymous said...

BEWARE: The positive posts for this product almost always say "by: admin"!

Unfortunately, like most REAL customers, I have been duped by this company and am posting this warning on every site I can. I ordered the potty patched based on the TV ads running on the Animal Planet back in July. I did see a pending charge on my account for the 3 potty patches I ordered but the hard charge did not post at that time. By the end of August I had e-mailed and called them several times because the expected delivery date changed constantly…at times it even changed several times in the same day! The response was always the same:

Due to the high demand for this product…blah, blah, blah…items on back order will be shipped as quickly as possible…blah, blah, blah…your credit card will not be charged until the order is shipped.

After several months of this run-around, I did a little investigating (which I probably should have done before ordering) and found this and a few other sites hosting postings from other folks who have had similar experiences so I decided to cancel my order. So, here’s what happened next:

On the morning of Friday, Sept 19th I checked the order status website and the items were still showing to be on back order and the expected delivery date was now pushed out to mid-October. I immediately sent an e-mail to customer service advising them to cancel my order. Now, typically it would take a minimum of two attempts to get a response to any other questions I sent them but lo-and-behold a cancellation request got me a same day response from them…just about 7 hours later! Exactly like the person who earlier described their experience with a cancllation request I got the following response:

Thank you for contacting customer service. Unfortunately we are unable to cancel your order since it is being processed for shipment. Your order will be shipping out of our warehouse in the next couple business days and once the product ships please allow 7-14 business days for delivery. If you no longer wish to keep the order once you receive it please follow the return instructions below:

Please return by Insured Parcel Post or UPS, whichever is more convenient and send to:

Eagle Eye Marketing

400 Returns Rd

Wallingford, CT 06494

Hold onto any receipts in the unlikely event that we do not receive your return. You will need them to trace the shipment.

Immediately upon receipt of your return, a credit for the purchase price will be applied to your account. This credit should reflect on your billing statement next month.



Eagle Eye Marketing Customer Service

Now, I am no statistician but just doing the simple math…about a month for me to actually receive these items, another few weeks for the shipping return and another month for the refund to show on my account means they will have my money in their pocket for approximately 3 months. I checked my acount and sure enough the pending charge is back and suddenly the order status is showing “in process”.

I have personally contacted my bank and asked them to reject the charge as this item has been cancelled and I suggest you all try to do the same.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I'm a Georgia customer of the Potty Patch. The dog never used it and so I called the customer service number to see how I could return it and get my almost $165.00 back..plus another charge of $50.80 for more pads including shipping fees. The Customer Service number is 866 518 2294. They said to return the items to the address on the box. The address shows 100 Refunds Road Wallingford, CT...I did an internet search to see if this address really exists..because the name of the street seems a little strange. I couldn't find it using several different search sites and maps. I obtained the phone number of the town of Wallingford, CT town hall and talked with a tax assessor who verified that this address does not exist nor does the street exist in Wallingford. Nor do they have a registered business under the name of Eagle Eye Marketing.
I will be taking care of the payments with my credit union. I'd advise anyone who is considering buying this product to do internet searches first to see what problems or complaints are out there. There are ..and now I am adding mine. JK in Georgia

Anonymous said...

Your stories are scary to say the least. I bought a Super Wave Oven from The Sharper Image back in December, 2010. It stopped working March 22, 2011. I called customer service only to be given another number in which the woman told me to pack up everything and return it to 400 Returns RD, Wallingford, CT 06494. I too was told to get a confirmation number as my proof the unit has arrived. My question is, if there isn't such a address, do all these companies have some sort of agreement with the postal service on that end once these defective products show up at their doorstep? Seems like some underhanded crap is going on somehow.

Bob said...

I wish I had taken the time to read this before ordering this garbage. Well we did make the mistake of ordering this piece of garbage - first they sent the wrong size - we ordered a small got a small base with a large fake grass cover - we called to return the whole order - sure send it back was the response - yea send it back at your own expense. I ask to speak to a supervisor - well they don't have phone extensions - WTF. I can understand the customer being responsible for return shipping if they simply decided to return the product, but in this case the wrong product and at that a mismatched product was shipped. If you make the mistake of ordering this crap - dispute the charge on your card - ASAP. It's a company that specializes in FRAUDULENT charges not pet products ....... IMHO

Anonymous said...

I received a package in the mail yesterday thinking it was an order I'd placed a couple of weeks before, and guess what, it wasn't even close to what I had ordered. It came from "Natural Cures Inc, 400 Returns Road, Wallingford, CT 06494". The items are a CD's on "Your Wish is Your Command" & "How Anyone Can Make Millions". This is from the man named Kevin Trudeau. I didn't order it, didn't get charged, and the lady named Heather at the following number 800/759-5558 from the "Fosdick Fulfillment Corporation" said I "visited" their website and "ordered" it. She said there is no credit card on file, and since I didn't get charged, I could just keep it. Apparently from researching the "net" I'm finding all kinds of things about "Fosdick". My advice is to be careful where you go on the "net", reject any packages that you don't recognize the address.

Potty Patch said...

The potty patch has been a godsend for me and my dog charms. We don't have to go outside in rainy and extra cold days and nights. And now I can leave her home without having to worry about finding a mess when I return home from work.

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