July 23, 2009

EZ Find

EZ Find. If you're like me, and you know you are, then at least once within the past week you have lost your TV remote and said to yourself, "why can't they make a locator on the remote control? If they can make one for cordless phones, how hard could it be?" Then you go to Google and Amazon to see if the product already exists. Here's what I've found so far...

These is just 1 example from more than 450,000 results on Google and about 20 different versions that you can purchase on Amazon. EZ Find. Yes, it is easy to find several versions of your product! Still, the fact that so many people have asked the question, and most haven't gone to Google to search for their product, they may have something here. I suspect that most viewers will go through the same process I did when I first saw the ad:

  1. Where is my remote so I can change the channel.

  2. Ugh, I can't find it.

  3. Wait a minute, what's this? Are you telling me someone came up with a solution so I never have to lose my remote again? Wow!

  4. And it comes with several unique pieces so I can track my phone, my keys, my remote....

  5. Did I really eat that whole bag of Cheetos during one episode of Jon & Kate?

  6. Will it attach to my 3 year old?

  7. $200? No way.

  8. Wait a minute, they cut the price to $29.99.

  9. Now wait another minute, that's two payments of $29.99.

  10. That's gotta be more than $50!

  11. Do I really lose my remote that often? And what's wrong with always watching the same channel anyways?

  12. What happens if I lose the EZ Find?

And the final question is the killer. I suspect this won't sell very well, but I suppose I've been wrong before. Here's the EZ Find ad for your enjoyment:

Now where are my keys so I can get out of here?...


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