August 27, 2009

Are these real infomercials?

Kudos to Jordan Pine, from SciMark. He found some real doozies this week.

A-Spray. Feet stink. Butts stink. Private parts stink. However, that doesn't mean that you should show people spraying these body parts on TV. Honestly, I don't have anything more I can say about this spot, but trust me, you'll enjoy it!

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Poop Trap. I'm sorry to share this video, but I can't help myself. Once you see it, you'll feel the same way. Dog lovers love their dogs. I know it sounds obvious, but many will do whatever it takes to make their dogs happy. To help them avoid the embarrassment of pooping on the ground in public, the geniuses at Poop Trap Inc. spent months, maybe years designing a device that enables dogs to poop while standing up. Much better.

In case you can't stand to watch the entire 60 seconds, you at least have to check out the scene at 0:42. I can only pray that the HD networks disallow this spot from airing so I don't have to see a close-up of a dog actually pooping into a clear plastic bag. Oh what a world that would be.

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