August 14, 2009

Use a towel to get cool

New idea? I'm not sure. However, in late July, I saw two products that are virtually the same concept to try and tackle the problem of keeping cool in the summer. Here's the idea: take the product, whichever of the two you choose, soak in water and snap it in the air to instantly make it cooler than the outside air temperature. Which spot is better? Clearly, the first one is going low budget with their test and the second spent more time working on production quality. Does it matter? See for yourself:


Polar Snap Cooling Towel


Anonymous said...

I've tested both products and have found that the Polar Snap Product is lighter and stays cooler longer. In my opinion it is a much better quality piece and they offer other sizes.

Anonymous said...

I called to order Snap it Kool because I liked the size of their towel better (the one shown in the spot), and their product is no longer available. Like the website is redirected elsewhere and the operator that answered my call said I had the wrong number. Weird. Anyway, so I ordered Polar Snap instead.

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