June 23, 2009


Cozy. Interesting product. Huge offer! ...that makes for a powerful combination. It's certainly not as entertaining of a product as the Snuggie, but I can see myself using the Cozy more frequently. If the Cozy is truly as relaxing as these actors make it appear, I will use one for those office cat-naps I take all too often.

I'm not sure I've ever seen an offer quite this extensive...for $19.99, they somehow give you a stuffed neck pillow, an inflatable travel pillow insert, a Cozy "arm hammock," a fleece blanket, a fleece scarf, an eye mask and a travel case. I recently purchased a neck pillow in the airport for $20 by itself!


Anonymous said...

Who's the hot blonde in this video?! She needs more/bigger air time!!

Anonymous said...

Am I the only preson who sees this as a lovechild of the snuggie and a straightjacket?

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