June 18, 2009

Pitchmen - Green Now

Pitchmen - Green Now. Love it! Last night on The Discovery Channel's Pitchmen, Billy Mays and Anthony Sullivan pitched a new product from Allstar Marketing (from Snuggie fame...) called Green Now! The crux of the idea is that you can spray paint your lawn to look green even though it isn't really green. For those of us born without a green thumb, this product is perfect. And it looks like it actually turns your thumb green when you use it, just as would an aerosol can of spray paint. The secret to Green Now! is that is also includes a fertilizer in its formulation so you not only fix the immediate problem, but you help to grow new, "real" green grass where the brown spots once were. Sign me up!

Upsells. You know when you call in, the companies always try to sell you complementary stuff that you really don't need, but they are at prices so compelling, you can't pass them up, right? Well, with Green Now, everything is different. Take a look at these perfectly completmentary products.

If you like spray on grass, you'll LOVE spray on hair!

If you are still on the phone, then you'll definitely LOVE spray on abs!


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