June 1, 2009

Wonder Vase

Wonder Vase. Cool idea. In a nutshell, Wonder Vase is a moldable plastic flower vase. If you want a beautiful vase to show off in your home for years to come, this is not what you're looking for. However, giving flowers isn't just about beauty. When you're looking for a fun way to display flowers, you've found it in the Wonder Vase. This is the ideal vase for "crafty" moms or kids. You can really have fun with it. I don't think they captured the "fun" aspect enough in their infomercial, so I don't believe it will ever be a hit, but if they tweaked the spot to focus on how Wonder Vase helps you to interact with your flowers and enjoy them more as an "experience" then it could be a real winner. Also, you don't always need 20 uses for every product...the travel idea...I just don't get it...


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