April 22, 2009

CelluScience - "Science Never Looked So Sexy"

CelluScience. "Science never looked so sexy." Their line, not mine. Although, I will agree that their ad is all about sex. They promise to get rid of Cellulite...I'm a bit young to worry about cellulite...yet. BUT, I know it's a huge problem for everyone. If the product really works, then it's a phenomenal breakthrough. You just need to watch out for a few industry tricks. Diet pill companies are usually the sleaziest of all infomercial companies. They overpromise, and sometimes outright lie. There is one "company" that gets sued every time they introduce a new product. Their strategy is to simply change the name of the company and introduce a similar product with a new name...sleazy. Another strategy of these companies is to trick you into joining a monthly "continuity" program where they send you a new bottle of pills every 30 days and automatically charge your credit card. This can be a very helpful program when it's carried out openly and honestly, as the Proactiv (www.proactiv.com) company does.

However, if you go to http://www.getcelluscience.com/ and check out their shopping cart, the pricing is very deceiving. They promise you one month free, but charge you $67.99 for the first month (I guess month #3 is free???). They also conceal the fact that you will be signed up for a payment of $67.99 every 30 days! You can always cancel, but by that time, they will likely have bilked you out of $130 or more. Be wary. Be very, very wary...but still check out the ad, it's pretty funny, especially when you realize what kind of company they are.


Anonymous said...

i think your commercial is very dirty and nasty and pervertatied

Anonymous said...

My dad always told me "if it seems to good to be true, it probably is." The only way to lose weight and cellulite is diet and exercise. there is no easy, miraculous way to get thin. Just eat less and get up and move around more.

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