April 21, 2009

Impact Gel - Winning "Pitchmen" spot

Impact Gel. Sure to be a classic Billy Mays spot. A similar spot has been on the air for a couple of months, but they just released a new version this past week coinciding with the product being featured on Billy Mays' and Anthony Sullivan's new Discovery Channel show, Pitchmen. Over 200,000 sets have been sold to date, and they don't appear to be slowing down. Two demos are incredible in this spot, and are surely driving the success of the product: Billy smashing his hand with a hammer and Billy's hand getting run over with a car, both with no harm because of the Impact Gel technology. Something I learned watching Pitchmen last week was that Anthony's hand was the hand getting run over...a great sneak peek into how some of these demos are pulled off without harming the talent...truly a masterful spot. http://www.buyimpactgel.com/

Be sure to catch Pitchmen Wednesday night on The Discovery Channel at 10pm EST.


Anonymous said...

is it real or just camera work

Madison Keane said...

This demo was as real as they come. A lot of gel-like materials would allow you to "smash" your hand with a hammer...it's just that Impact Gel was the first to come up with the demo...Just like the old fishbowl demo that propelled OxiClean into stardom...that demo works with a lot of cleaning products, but OxiClean was the first to develop it, and the rest is history.

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