April 15, 2009

Top 5 spots of the week

Interesting week. I found five brand new spots that are all pretty good. I must say that I like these products, and I believe that a couple of them will be successes.

1. Instant Alarm, home security system, without all the expense.
2. Lock Fresh, inexpensive vacuum sealed food.
3. Arm & Hammer Whitening Booster, teeth whitening without annoying trays.
4. EZ Bundler, new packaging product from Billy Mays.
5. Arm & Hammer 2 in 1 Dryer Sheets, save money and time...

Instant Alarm. Installs in seconds. Cheap. A pretty good product for when you need a security system by don't want to pay $50 every month for the rest of your life. Anthony Sullivan does a good job of selling the features and benefits...I'm sold! http://www.getinstantalarm.com/

Lock Fresh. "Can't afford an expensive vacuum sealer?" No. I can't. Holy cow, those things are expensive. I don't know if this product works, but it's a much better idea than last week's BananaSeal. "Stock it, lock it and pump it." I love these catch phrases...and this item is sure to be a hit! http://www.getlockfresh.com/

Arm & Hammer Whitening Booster. Great idea, but I'm not sure why this is different from whitening toothpaste, other than the fact that you have to add an extra step with the Arm & Hammer product. Plus there's something more concerning about using "extra strength" whitening chemicals with my toothpaste. Am I a worrier just because I don't really want to swallow any of that stuff? www.buywhiteningbooster.com

EZ Bundler. "Bundle everything, fast, neat and easy." "Just zip, click and go!" Classic Billy Mays spot. I was sold before Billy could say "call now." My Home Smart EZ Bundler is on its way...with the "free" second bundler. Now I just need to figure out what to bundle. Any ideas? www.buythebundler.com

Arm & Hammer 2 in 1 Dryer Sheets. Anthony Sullivan for Arm & Hammer? Seems odd, until you realize that Church & Dwight, the owner of Arm & Hammer (and Trojan!) bought OxiClean in 2006. I've noticed several infomercials coming out of that company over the past year...Now they're even using their pitchmen to sell their tried and true Arm & Hammer brand. This concept is great: combine fabric softener and anti-static into one, easy to use dryer sheet. Am I the only one that believes Bounce does the same thing? www.mylaundrybasket.com


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