April 4, 2009

Top 4 new spots of the week

The economy continues to slide downward. Unemployment has now hit 8.5%. Blue chip companies are on the brink of collapse. How can we keep our heads high? Turn to TV. Stay up late. As the night grows late, and the morning approaches, the selection of TV shows thins...BUT, commercials get better and better! This week, we see some new spots that bring light to our dark days. Giggle a little, and you can't be unhappy. Check out the spots below and enjoy!...after all, how bad can our economy be if the below products are still successful?

Celtic Thunder. Remember the parody of synchronized swimming on Saturday Night Live in the 80's? Celtic Thunder appears to be such a parody of Celtic Woman, the perennial PBS singing troop that bring beautiful Celtic music and beautiful voices to our late night TV. Now, you can have 1983 pop songs sung by a 10 year old Irish boy. You can watch men sing songs in such an awkward fashion that you feel uncomfortable, even in a Snuggie. Dozens of people around Ireland, most of them related to the band, have sat in awe as their friends and relatives perform for the camera. Join the family. Join their friends. Please. They need the money!

Heel Stick. I don't like feet. I don't like pretty feet, and I especially don't like other peoples feet with huge, dried out calluses. If you want to see lots of feet, then check out this video. If you have calluses on your feet and want to burn them off with a stinky, non-FDA-approved greasy liquid, then be sure to visit their website, http://www.crackedheelstick.com/.

PortaBook. I promise you. I don't make these ads up. People spend their lives, staying up all night to come up with inventions like this. I imagine that this inventor was up late one night reading a book with exhausted arms...barely able to hold up a book. Ding. An idea! Now, I admit that the computer holding benefit is a pretty good idea. The angle does help typing become easier...and as I type on my laptop on my lap, I wish I had a device like this that would keep my computer cool. BUT...come on...is your 6 year old daughter going to use this to read in bed? Can't she just hold the book that is "stuffed" with 260 words and 110 pictures? Maybe, I'm too much of a skeptic, but are there really similar products that are being sold for $275? But, for $20, if you use a laptop computer frequently to read and comment on my blog, then it might be a good idea. http://www.portabooktv.com/

Smart Mop. This one looks like a good product...But the ad is still hilarious. I love Anthony Sullivan's statement that in this bad economy, you can pick up spills from the floor and pour back in your glass. He's trying to be sarcastic, but in his proper British accent, he sounds serious. Funny. This product is sure to show up on the rankings in the next couple of months...mark my words! http://www.buysmartmop.com/


Anonymous said...

this site is a scam,i ordered my porta book months ago and have not recieved my portabook up to now,they have stolen my money and i have not gotten my product.i will continue to let everyone know to stay away from this site .DONT BUY

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