December 16, 2009

Perfect Fit Buttons. Any pants can be your fat pants.

Perfect Fit Buttons.  Thanksgiving was hard on my body this year.  The 4 week lead-up to Christmas and Kwanza is proving even tougher.  Luckily, I have sweat pants that match all of my holiday sweaters, as my sexy jeans have turned into my constipation jeans...that is, on the off-chance I can actually get them buttoned.  I refuse to buy new pants because I know I will beautifully fit into all my outfits in just a few short soon as the cookies, brownies and festive fried chicken slow down. 

But wait, this year, I can have my cake and still fit into my sexy jeans!  The Perfect Fit Buttons essentially grow your pants size without actually growing your pants size.  Makes sense.  I'm pretty intrigued with the idea.  I would make fun of the product, but I've discovered that the more I make fun of an infomercial product, the bigger the hit it becomes.  So, for this one, I'm going to take early credit in saying that it will be a monster hit! 

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Anonymous said...

i feel 13.98 for shipping and handling is way to much,infact 6.99 is way to much even for 1 set but i would have ordered them if it had been just 6.99 for the whole package.

Anonymous said...

cool blog!

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