December 9, 2009

Weezer Snuggie

Weezer Snuggie.  Funny.  Need I say more?

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OK, I'll say more.  A few weeks back, Weezer launched their new CD, Raditude, via a new Snuggie commercial.  Genius!  Weezer is known to be a bit qwerky, and they have been known to launch their CDs in the past in strange ways.  However, as a true As Seen On TV Fan, I see nothing strange about teaming up with the most exciting brand of the year.  I can't quite figure out the math to see how I'll get a "free" CD when I have to pay $29.99 for the Snuggie, but I don't think that's really the point.  Almost a million views of the spot on YouTube in less than a month?  I think their goal has been fully accomplished!


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