December 3, 2009

Telebrands CEO on "The View"

The View.  I hate the show, but you gotta love AJ Khubani, the CEO of Telebrands that has made millions of dollars for over 25 years selling products on TV.  Though he has never starred in his own infomercials, he reached recent stardom as a guest and sponsor of the hit show, Pitchmen.  AJ funded several of the hits that came out of Billy Mays' and Anthony Sullivan's show on Discovery channel earlier this year.

Here's a recent interview where AJ "objectively" reviews several of the top as seen on TV products with the cast of The View:

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AJ said...

Good video clip of "The View." Seeing how Whoopi carefully looked through the products showcased by AJ Khubani, one would see the benefits of each up-close. Thanks for posting.

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