March 21, 2009

Designer Snuggie

Yes. You are reading correctly. The Designer Snuggie. If 1970 blue, 1960 green or Ocean Spray Cranberry didn't suit your style, then they now offer sexy Leopard Print, attention-grabbing Zebra Skin and one that I might actually buy if it didn't come with sleeves, Camel (

I looked around my place tonight to see what color blankets I have. I do have a red blanket for when I'm in a very good mood, a dark brown blanket for cold nights, and a navy blue left over from my undergrad days...but no zebra or leopard print...and no royal blue. I'm not sure if they should have called me for color advice, or if I'm the odd one. Are you with me on this one that their color selection is a bit odd? If so, then you are also odd, because millions of Americans are buying these things as fast as they're selling off their 401k investments...well, maybe as fast as we're selling off....I must admit, that I am intrigued by the "thicker, more luxurious fleece." Tell you what...I'll take one for the team and buy the camel one and let you know what I think in 4 to 6 weeks (I refuse to pay for rush shipping!).

See the spot at the link below:


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