March 12, 2009

New Spots of the Week

Wow! I knew it would be easy to post funny videos...but I honestly never imagined I would be able to find so many every week. This week, I found 6 new ads. Most are hilarious...a couple are pretty cool...see if you can tell how I feel about each one :)
Since we have so many this week, let me summarize:
1. End the recession by selling makeup to your friends.
2. Make disgusting looking egg MINUTES!
3. ShamWow mop, and it spins (for some unknown reason).
4. The Putter that takes all remaining exercise out of golf.
5. Another..."enhancement" product...but this one helps old guys date young girls.
6. Hardwood floor mop...I actually like this one...go figure!
1. OK, first off, I need to confess something before I continue this post. I think MLM/Network Marketing/Pyramid Scheme companies are a sham. If you disagree, then you probably won't think this video is funny, and should move on to the next spot. From the ad..."If someone asked me how to make money in this economy, I'd say Avon!" Bless her heart. She would only say "Avon" because if she signs up you and 10 of your friends, she'd make money off your get out their and sell makeup to all your soon-to-be-former friends! Maybe I'm just tainted because I've purchased so many wonderful products at "parties" that my "friends" keep throwing. I go to feel popular, which I do, but I stay because the live demos are often funnier than the best ASOTV ads! BTW, if you like this Avon ad, please contact me if you would like to learn how you can become rich selling makeup, cleaning products, health foods, jewelry, passion parties, financial services, real estate foreclosure properties and kids games.

2. The Egg Genie. OK, do you ever see an ad that looks like it was run in 1981, and they just decided to dust off the tapes and try again in 2009? I swear this ad was shot 20+ years ago. I mean, if you're going to produce a new product in 2009, would you really use mustard yellow as your primary color? Also, in the 21st century, is it really that hard to make sure your eggs aren't completely raw when you put them on your toast (check out the "undercooked eggs..." demo)? I do have to say that the Bacon Wave does look very cool. I committed years ago to never underappreciate anything having to do with bacon, unless the bacon was pulled out of a turkey. If anyone would consider purchasing this product, please comment on this post...I really want to learn why!

3. 360 Spin Mop. I must warn you that this spot is 5 minutes....please don't plan on going anywhere for a while after you hit the little triangle. You now know how I feel about bacon. I have similar emotions for hot dogs (I'm from Chicago, so please don't judge my eating habits). Putting hot dogs on a stick had to be one of the greatest ideas of the twentieth century. Putting a ShamWow on a stick? It's no corn dog, but it's a pretty cool idea. And it SPINS! I'm really not sure why it spins, but it does look cool. It also guarantees to cut my cleaning time in half. That sounds nice, especially since I have purchase 7 other DRTV products that also promised to cut my cleaning time in half...let's see....half of half of half......I should be able to clean in 0.8% of the time that it took my grandma. If you buy all the products I have, you too could clean your home before you're 3 seconds into the Spin Mop ad.

4. Ultimate PickUp Putter. Yes, I am a girl. But...I also like to golf. I guess I picked it up in business school realizing that it would be a great way to network in the "men's club." I don't know if that's true, but my BodyBugg ( tells me that I burn an extra 35 calories in a 4-hour round of golf. Even if I didn't enjoy walking around with a bag of sticks, I would do it just to maintain my girly figure. Wait a there's a product that will cut my golf calorie burn in half?!? Now I don't even need to bend over to pick up my balls? What will they think of next, little mini cars that you can drive around the golf course so you won't have to actually walk on beautiful sunny days? Yeah...ok, then they'll have built-in coolers in this "mini car" so you can take beer, soda and candy bars with you while you're burning your 35 calories? I'm starting to wonder if I should just go back to using my IronGym ( to lose weight...

5. Old Man, Young Girls...with Progene! Did I say "girls?" Yes, I did. I know this particular cateogory of ads is inherently funny, but this ad is sure to become a classic. Here's the scenario, in case you're still getting the Internet over dial-up and don't have the patience to download this ad. Old men lose testosterone as they get older. As the testosterone goes, so goes the sex drive. But, if you swallow a few pills made out of who knows what, you are sure to score young women. Yes "women." In fact, this guy is with three girls in the ad. I have to admit that every time I sense testosterone in the room, I immediately look for the oldest guy in the room to flirt with. I don't think you'll see this premise in a Viagra ad...but who knows? In this economy, every week, companies are trying funnier and funnier ideas...

6. Bona Hardwood Floor Mop. Warning. This spot is NOT funny. It's actually a pretty good product that I first tried about a year just looks like they have a new ad on TV. The host is also the Ace Hardware Helpful Hardware Guy. This is the type of inside scoop you simply won't find anywhere else. And, by the way, the product actually works. The only problem is that you can't spin it really fast in the ad....Comment and let me know if you like this mop or the Spin Mop better...(


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