March 18, 2009

My %#@&$ Don't Stink!

Free! Odor Eliminator. Many products are funny. A few are useful. Free! Odor Eliminator (a.k.a. Poop Not Stink) is HILARIOUS, but still extremely useful, if you're willing to admit to being a user... I first saw this ad several months ago, and haven't been able to track it down until today. Here are the basic instructions:
1. Tear open packet
2. Pour contents into toilet
3. Put your "contents" into toilet
...and voila! It doesn't stink. I can't find this product on the market anymore, sadly, but it was a great help in my know...for the man in my life...of course. If I can ever track the product down again, I'll post a link, because it really works...I couldn't believe it when I first ordered it...and....uh....had someone else try it out. I wonder if the product didn't sell well. I bet if they used the trademark "Va-Pooh-Rize" it would have sold like hotcakes...wait...that doesn't sound right. Well, this was the most difficult post yet, for obvious reasons, but check out the video and let me know what you think:


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