March 16, 2009

Tracy Morgan and Jimmy Fallon in SNUGGIES

The Snuggies phenomenon continues...Friday night, March 13, Jimmy Fallon had his entire audience where Snuggies...and his band...and his GUESTS! Most of you haven't seen this video yet, but it's hilarious. Tracy Morgan is his usual, funny-man self, but the Snuggie makes it even funnier. He doesn't take his Snuggie off, even when Jimmy tells him it's ok. You can't buy better exposure than this!...unless you were to get a show with decent ratings to sport the Snuggie...(Today Show anyone???...of course you've seen that clip).

BUMMER! The video has been removed from YouTube due to copyright concerns (Snuggie concerns or Jimmy Fallon concerns???). Here's a link to the NBC's one of the funniest interviews I've seen in a long time...definitely worth checking out the link:


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HA! funny

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