May 7, 2009

What Odor? - You saw it here first!

Who needs to watch Pitchmen on the Discovery Channel when you can see all the new DRTV spots on this site? We reviewed Billy Mays' What Odor product way back in March when it first launched...check out what we had to say:

5 good spots this week!
1. What Odor? - brand new from Billy Mays
2. Blox - repels stains, magical demos
3. Dishworx - like a normal brush, but now more expensive
4. Windshield Wonder - if you have short arms, you have to see this one!
5. Finally Fast - #2 product in recent rankings, with new $450 ad

What Odor? - Are you tired of Febreze and other air fresheners that don't have Billy Mays as a spokesman? Introducing Fresh Odor! It's exactly the same, except for the packaging that was designed by Billy's 8 year old niece. There's no need to wash your clothes anymore, even if you're sprayed by a skunk, simply spray it on and you'll be asking, "what odor?" With every purchase, they'll plant a tree (huh???). If they promised to kill a skunk with every purchase, I'd be more tempted...but in case you're still interested, you can buy the product at

Blox. Not a new product, but this is a brand new ad. Now this is one cool product. It reminds me of OxiClean back in the late 90's when they were more edgy. "Blox blocks hundreds of stains!" You have to see some of these demos...the stains literally roll off the shirt. This new spot features a new host, but I like the old one better. Check out Jason Williams on HSN directly below the new ad. He used to be the host for the old ads. What can I say, I'm a sucker for British guys. If you're interested in the product, check out Which host do you prefer?

Dishworx. If you have dirty dishes, then you need Dishworx! Unless of course you already have one of those $1.99 brushes from the grocery store, then you really don't need Dishworx. If you ever wished you had a more complex way to clean your dishes, this is it! I must admit, I like the concept. It's kind of a knock of of the SonicScrubber (, one of my all-time favorites. The Dishworx demos are pretty cool, and if you call within 30 seconds of seeing the ad, you'll probably end up buying. However, if you take a few extra seconds to think about this one, you'll realize that it would be easier to clean off your dishes under the faucet with a cheap, but trusty brush. (

Winshield Wonder. Do you have trouble reaching the inside of your windshield to get it clean? Do you wish you had a gadget that could extend your reach 4 MORE INCHES! Are you looking for one more contraption that you'll forget you have within the first week?...Then the Windshield Wonder is for you! The concept is funnier than the ad, but it's still worth checking out. ( This website has had the #2 ranked ad for the past several weeks. For some reason, they decided to produce a new spot, and it appears that they have a production budget of less than $500 to produce the ad. This one is worth watching just to see that you apparently don't need to make a high quality ad to make millions off of TV. Who wants to loan me $500 so I can finally produce an ad for my invention, a blanket with sleeves?


Anonymous said...

I don't know about these other products, but if they all work as well as What Odor? these companies would all be rich. What Odor? has worked 100% for me. I really think it is the only actual "odor ELIMINATOR"

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