May 7, 2009

Billy Mays' Quick Chop, a Slap Chop Parody??

Quick Chop. Brand new this past week, Billy introduced the Quick Chop. The product is EXACTLY the SAME as Vince Offer/Schlomi's Slap Chop. Can we take a moment to analyze the egos of these pitchmen? First, Billy launches Zorbeez...then Vince copies and blows Billy out of the water with the Sham Wow....then Vince launches the Slap Chop...and is copied within months with Billy's Quick Chop. The winning product? We'll have to wait and see, but my money is the on Slap Chop...Billy followed too soon.

This product has quite a history. A similar device was first launched in the 1960's as the Chop-o-Matic by infomercial legend, and the original TV pitchman, Ron Popeil. This was the first of many products that Ron Popeil sold over TV as the true pioneer of the infomercial. The Chop-o-Matic was a huge success then...why not try it again 50 years later??? Sadly, we're seeing less and less true innovation in infomercial products each year.

Check out the timeline of products through their fascinating videos below...first Ronco's Chop-o-Matic, then the Slap Chop, and finally, Billy May's brand new Quick Chop.


Anonymous said...

actually. The quick chop came out before vince slap chop. Billy Mays brought it back as a reminder more or less.

Anonymous said...

Save your's garbage! Doesn't chop things evenly and food gets caught in the blades all the time. You can prepare whatever you want using a knife in less time and better!

Josh said...

too bad billy mays won't be doing any more commercials.

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