May 4, 2009

Dryer Fresh - with Joe Fowler

Dryer Fresh. I've heard of products that supposedly remove wrinkles without ironing, but I've been skeptical since most are more pain then they're worth. The Downy Wrinkle Release requires you to spray each garment and individually pull out each and every wrinkle...ugh! Today, I saw a spot for the first time advertising a brand new product, Dryer Fresh. Spray it on your blouse, throw in the dryer, and wrinkles will disappear. If it works, then it's a brilliant idea! I'm sick of ironing. I'm sick of expensive dry cleaners. I'm tired of pulling a dress out of my closet only to have it covered with wrinkles! Look at me, I'm starting to sound just like the ad. With a $10 BOGO, I guess I can't lose...if you want to check it out, go to This ad is brand new, so I haven't seen the product in any retail stores yet.

You have to love Joe Fowler in this ad. Joe is just as energetic as Billy Mays, but so much more pleasant. Joe was made famous by the NuWave Oven ( which has been a big 30 minute infomercial for years.


Jennifer & Mark said...

so does it work? I want it too!

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