May 8, 2009

Obama Stamps

Obama Stamps. But not real stamps. "These stamps are for collectible, souvenir and personal usage only. They cannot be used as U.S. postage." This statement is, of course, only in the fine print. This is not a political website, but if it were, I could discuss this new infomercial product in one of two ways...please bear with me:

Liberal website: Today marks a monumental day in the history of this country. 40 years after Martin Luther King and 145 years after the death of Abraham Lincoln, we have an African American man as the leader of the free world. Hope and change. Those are the promises with
 which Barack H. Obama inspired our nation during his campaign, and those were the first two promises he kept. In the dire economic situation that our 44th President inherited 
from the less capable George W. Bush, Barack gives us hope that things will get better. And hope is exactly what we need to keep us going as we lose our jobs at alarming rates and lose our homes to predatory lenders. Change was announced. Change was discussed. And Change is happening. Finally, we have a House, as Senate and a President that can work together to effect real change. Health Care reform. Equality for all. A change in the way we perceive ourselves and in the way we are perceived in the international community. "Yes, we can" started as a stump speech to inspire us to hope for a better world and to give us the confidence that our government could help us change our individual lives. Today, you can celebrate in pride by purchasing 20 $1 commemorative stamps to be proudly used on packages, post cards, letters and to be saved for future generations. There's no upcharge on this one, you simply pay the face value for the stamps and continue to be inspired for the rest of Barack's 2 terms as President and for the rest of your lives as a proud member of the international community.

Conservative website: After only 100 troublesome days in office, Barack Hussein Obama is already being commemorated with a fitting souvenir.  Never before has a sitting President of the United States of America been featured in so many late-night infomercials, unless yo
u count the liberal whacko's selling comedy DVDs of George W. Bush or Bill Clinton's appearance in Girls Gone Wild.  Only 4 months into his first (and hopefully last) term in office, Barack is featured on the "Yes We Can" Collectible Self-Sticking Stamp set.  For only $19.99, you'll get 20 stamps, featuring images of Barack and his wife Michelle.  Each stamp has a face value of $1, so it sounds like a great deal, right?  Well...similar to Barack himself, the stamps aren't really worth as much as they claim to be.  When you read the fine print, you learn that "these stamps are for collectible, souvenir and personal usage only. They cannot be used as U.S. postage."  In other words, they have "$1" printed on them, but no one would actually give you $1 to buy them from you.  They have no dollar value.  They are stickers...but each sticker costs $1.  Personally, I like the idea because they are a symbol of our great leader.  They appear to have value, but when you read the fine print, there's nothing there, and when you try to trade them for something of value, you're told that there is no money back guarantee.  Luckily, the stamps only cost $20, whereas Barack has already cost $9 Trillion.  I'll take the stamps any day of the week!

Speaking non-politically, again, I can't wait to see if these are successful.  It's been amazing to see how many different collectible items have already been sold since President Obama first took office.  This isn't the best I've seen, but I guess you never know what will work.


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