May 15, 2009

Dot-A-Lot...Train Wreck?

Dot-A-Lot. Some ads are effective because you just can't turn away when they are aired. I like to call these spots "train wrecks..."

...not an original phrase, I know, but it couldn't be more fitting for the new Dot-A-Lot ad. The music and announcer are non-stop, in-your-face and INCREDIBLY ANNOYING! IN FACT, FOR ME, WATCHING THIS AD IS LIKE READING AN EMAIL WRITTEN IN ALL-CAPS...ANNOYING ISN'T IT?!? With all that said, is this really what kids' products are coming to? I remember when I was growing up that I could entertain myself for hours with just a paper and pencil. Sometimes, we couldn't even afford the pencil. But today, there is an endless supply of tools to help aspiring artists begin their careers as soon as they are old enough to wipe their own behinds. Dot-A-Lot clearly makes a lot of dots, but it should receive more praise for making me so dizzy that I couldn't dial the phone to purchase... I don't think I'm alone. When I went to to check it out, the site is no longer available. Maybe I mistyped the address...I don't know...I'm still a bit dizzy.


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