May 12, 2009

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly - Eye Treatments

Rapid Lash vs. Hydrolyze Eye Treatment. Once upon a time, there were two infomercials hawking similar products. Similar benefits were promised- "make your eyes prettier...sexier..." Similar pricing was offered. But they couldn't have been more different in the way they were sold to the public. Last week, both products introduced new infomercials. Beautiful eyes, and beautiful women were the intent from both, but the visuals didn't necessarily portray the end result. As I watched the Rapid Lash spot, I couldn't help but focus on the ugly wrinkles on the extreme close-ups. In fact, the wrinkles were so distracting that I didn't manage to see the real difference between the "before" and "after." Their website does a much better job of communicating the benifits.

On the contrary, the Hydrolyze Eye Treatment was expertly executed. Beautiful eyes...beautiful models. If I didn't already have perfect eyes with no wrinkles of my own, which is why I feel so comfortable judging the wrinkles of others, then I would be tempted to buy. When you watch these ads, pay attention to the difference. You can easily predict which will be the hit.

Rapid Lash:



Anonymous said...

I was lucky enough to get my hands on a tube of Rapid Lash. When I tell you lucky I mean it! My lashes were virtually non existant and this is no exaggeration. Sparse, short and thin lashes were what I'd been dealt. ...
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