May 25, 2009

Mighty Blast

Mighty Blast. Cool. I know, we're only allowed to have one absolute favorite product, and my favorite is still the OUT Instant Stain Remover, but Mighty Blast is pretty darn cool. "Blast away stains from up to 6 feet away!" The product looks pretty simple. Spill something disgusting on your carpet, then grab this 1970's looking aerosol can and spray the stain until it completely disappears. My only question, stolen from the blockbuster infomercial film, "Envy" is "where does the $*#@ go?" In the hugely entertaining film, Va-POOH-Rize makes $*#@ disappear...literally. Mighty Blast makes any stain, not limited to $*@# vanish. I still may ask where it goes, but I really don't care. This product is cool! *

*Legal Disclaimer: Madison Keane, and all affiliates of had absolutely nothing to do with the marketing of Mighty Blast. Additionally, Mighty Blast and all affiliates of said company are not paying Madison Keane in any form. However, if they would like to pay Madison Keane for the great exposure from her honest response, she will most likely return their email request favorably. But no matter what, her opinions expressed herein remain her honest opinions. Mighty Blast rules!


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